Aries Wunderworld Tour Visuals

Project Overview
We went to the sun & back working with Coming of Age Studio to bring pop artist Aries' Wunderworld tour to life with motion graphics. Aries has a known universe of characters in his Wunderworld universe that he wanted to see be brought to life through modeling & animation. We made videos for each song in his set by curating specific stories & aesthetics based around the themes of the lyrics in the song.
What We Did
okayGOOD Studios + Coming of Age
Art Direction
Christian Korpi & Cody Remillard, Lewis Atallah, Mattias Russo-Larsson
Christian Korpi & Cody Remillard
Christian Korpi & Cody Remillard

When the Lights Go Out

How Rude

Kids on Molly

Bounty Hunter